Work Traders

We offer space for up to 8 work traders. In exchange for a four day 16-20 hour work week (depending on your living option), our work traders are given a bed in our Rainbow dorm (or private tent), access to facilities (showers, kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc), access to our spa, free classes and activities and other benefits. In addition they get $175 a week to cover their food and other expenses and can eat from the garden.

Another major benefit is the amount of learning you will get on the job. Learn to build soil in a traditional Hawaiian way, learn permaculture, food forestry and much more. You also get to be a part of our community and will learn communication and conflict resolution skills. 

Work traders must be prepared for the following.  Expect to get dirty and work hard! The climate here is generally mild, but the sun can be quite hot, especially in the summer. It can also be buggy and we get frequent rain showers, more in the winter. You may be asked to do less glamorous tasks like moving rocks, setting up for an event or cleaning. Also be aware that if you live in the dorm it is not a fully private space. 

Experience with Hawaiian plants, heavy equipment (tractors etc) or having mechanical, electrical or plumbing skills is a big plus. Having a good attitude and a willingness to work well with others is important. Women are encouraged to apply, but be aware that the crew tends to lean heavily male because of the nature of the work. 

Positions in our work trade program are often filled up, however there is turnover and new positions open up frequently. If you want to be considered put in your application and if we’re interested and there are openings we’ll be in touch, Otherwise we’ll keep it on file and may contact you when an opening arises.  

All work traders are required to go through a 2-week trial period. After that a second 2-weeks before being accepted for a longer term position.

Work Trade Application

(If applying as a couple both should fill out a form but note here your partners name)
When are you available to stay with us? We have a 2-week trial period, followed by a second month trial period before being accepted into a long term position. We are looking for people who would like to stay a minimum of 6 months.
Tell us a little about yourself and where you are at right now in your life path.
Do you have any special skills that should be considered. This can be relevant experience in gardening/farming/ Also mechanical skills, experience with heavy equipment, solar, electrical, plumbing or carpentry skills. This is a good place to list any past relevant employment.
Ideally we'd like work traders that have at least a small savings or another form of income.
Which of these practices do you most resonate with or practice most?(Required)
If there are any specific details you'd like to share, you can put down in the next question.
Please provide name/relationship/phone/email for at least 2 references. References should include at least one past landlord. Please include your relationship to each reference.
Background Check
Is it acceptable for us to do a background check on you? We generally check criminal history, sex offender registry and credit report. We will only check as a final step to being accepted and will ask you for your SSN and birthdate which will be held in confidence and destroyed after the check.
If you are approved can you agree to the following (please check all):(Required)