Visit The Gardens

Welcome to Sundari Gardens. We have 21 garden areas spread across 10 acres, including two ponds, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, flowers, statues and much more including a hidden lava tube! We are currently planting a permaculture based food forest.

The farm and gardens at Sundari have a quarter mile of ocean horizon; cacao, mango, banana, avocado, macadamia, starfruit, noni, breadfruit, neem and citrus dotting the land.  We have commercial herbs and decoratives, and are aiming to feed 16 people from the land year-round, using a permaculture philosophy.

Botanic Gardens

There is a half mile loop walking path that weaves among the various gardens and meditation spaces. Starting at the Kaimu–Makena homestead road, on the Southeast corner of the property, you are welcomed by a rock outcropping adorned with hundred of varieties of tropical plants. As you turn into the drive, you will encounter different garden areas.

1Venice Cafe GardenLook for cacao, coffee, vanilla, ginger and turmeric.
2Medicine ForestKwan Yin looks over an array of medicinals, including passionflower and neem. Look for the rare giant lillikoi and the multiple kinds of trumpet vine.
3Fruit Tree MandalaThis is a new garden, with a grafted tree at its center and various fruit and nut bearing trees all around it. It might not look like much now, but do grab a papaya for the walk!
4Food ForestThis garden hosts noni, banana, and much more, including a silent grove on barefoot friendly grass.
5Stargazing PlatformOn a new moon, this is the place to look at the stars, or to watch the storms, or to dance into the sunrise!
6Mandala GardenThe heart of the formal gardens, with a sculpture of Pele looking out to the old flow.
7Ganesha PondSurrounded by florals and food trees, with pond dwellers like the beautiful mosaic plants, ask about how pond growth is used to create mulch for much needed soil.
8 Moon Cabin Gardens*Wide lawn, food gardens, kitchen gardens and florals. *private dwelling, only on invitation
9FarmetteMeet our chickens and visit our garden center. Feel free to ask the ground crew about Korean Natural Farming, Permaculture or if you want to know what a specific plant is!
10Upper Mango GroveWalk up the hill to this shaded area of old mangoes and succulents.
11Gaia Pond and FirepitCheck out the Gaia, give her some flowers or offerings to thank the earth for its abundance, continue down the hill.
12The CloisterThis quiet space is cleared out for sunbathing and resting.
13Barn Kitchen and Avocado OrchardUp the hill, stop in the barn kitchen for a glass of water. To the west are 5 kinds of avocado trees and a mac nut tree. Continue on the path behind the kitchen and begin looping back.
14The Ohia ForestWalk through the winding, rolling path through an old growth ohia forest.
15The Orchid FieldWhen the trees clear, the first species in are palms and orchids, blooming in the sunshine.
16The Story PavilionA rock ringed, covered sitting area overlooking the mandala garden and the ocean.
17 Spa Grove**Under construction*
18Yoga ShalaEnjoy the mural by David Lawell, stretch out a bit.
19Lotus House Deck**By appointment, come for lunch or tea on the deck.
20Lava CaveWalk over the aha and through the guava forest to this meditation cave and lava tube.
21Secret SwingReturning to the front of the property, between the lotus house and the entrance, there’s a pallet swing for 2 nestled in the woods.

Learn more about the tropical trees at Sundari. Download our free book.

Learn more about the edible plants at Sundari. Download our free book.