New Earth Living

We are a living experiment in New Earth principles, in living and leading from Peace and Power. We’re committed to open evolution, questioning and refining the principles we’ve discovered so far, and holding them loosely.

Inner life:

  • When we work on self-awareness, we prepare for life in community and society.
  • Life is wholeness, nothing is separate. All apparent diversity arises from a single field, it is life exploring the endless co-creative possibilities of itself.
  • Wonder, awe and gratitude are appropriate responses to life, in any age or stage or circumstance. Relearning innocence and forgiveness, making room for all beings, makes our own lives better, and heals all.
  • Direct, personal, felt experiences of being one with everything (“spiritual experiences”) are common, and they matter. We can learn to master dropping into this ever-present unified field for more freedom and peace.
  • The capacity for Self-Authorship is unique to this period of human historical development. Human potential is served by the individual’s sovereignty, their ability to evolve familial, cultural and historical norms and create their own authentic life. One person’s authenticity can shift the field of experience for millions.


  • Resourcefulness, accountability and competence are integral to spiritual life. Awareness practice extends to the physical environment.
  • Healing the body is healing the mind. Movement (fitness, strength, flexibility, agility, bravery in the body_ make for more vital living. Food as first medicine keep the body whole and lively. We’re interested in new agriculture, the art and future of feeding people, for habitats and health, especially food forestry. (see Simon Jongenottir’s New Earth Cooking).
  • Feeling your body and yourself are a precursor to living with others. Psycho-emotional skill development in the form of self-awareness and relational communication skills are vital for the evolution of the human species.

Relational field:

  • People are meant to live in community, not in isolation. The field between people has knowledge and intelligence that can be mined and used to solve problems, especially through practices (like ZEGG forum). Love relationships, economies and governance structures can thus be reimagined in a more just way, especially if comprised of individuals who are doing their own work.
  • The universe, and ecosystems, are governed by harmonics; music is the universal language of the emotions and the soul.
  • Harmful behavior to self and other is a mental and spiritual illness, and should be treated that way. Restorative justice is the appropriate response in the event of transgression. (see Insight Out)

  • Social and economic structures:
    • Governance is based on mutualism- all are of equal value.
    • Hierarchy is based on competence- we respect mastery.
    • Decision domains are based on expertise- we defer to knowledge when it’s wise to do so.
    • We change together.
    • We favor life in all of our choice.