A living experiment of New Earth Culture

New Earth Mandala is cocreating immersive transformational experiences for groups and individuals to experience a culture of oneness through our four interconnected core values of Conscious Awareness, Embodiment, Relationships and Leadership.

We stand on the shoulders of pioneers in the global intentional community and holistic centers movements. We are synthesizing and innovating what we hope will be working, dynamic templates for a New Earth Culture.

Four Interconnected Value Domains:

We are a decentralized community with members all over the world pioneering new models and facilitating connection, training, events and services online and in person.

We are currently pioneering our first experimental residential center on the Big Island of Hawaii at Sundari Gardens. Our vision is to help people remember we are nature, and to support a coherent New Earth Culture that is informed by diverse leaders around the world.

We are documenting best practices through this experiment to support a model that can translate between different centers so that people can live, lead, or retreat at multiple New Earth centers around the world and experience consistent alignment with the four core values. While we are starting this experiment with New Earth Mandala@Sundari, we anticipate having many locations that become part of the mandala through our global community efforts (see below).

Right now, we are calling in people committed to cocreating a New Earth Culture who want to:

  • Live at Sundari
  • Retreat at Sundari
  • Lead program at Sundari
  • Join our global community

Read more about each of these opportunities below, and stay connected with us by email and social media to get updates on this inspired endeavor.


About a dozen human community members currently live and work at Sundari and are part of pioneering templates for New Earth Culture.

Community members include singles and couples, parents and non-parents, seekers and leaders. We all bring different backgrounds and lineages, but share a commitment to living in alignment with the four core values.

Some examples of our culture include: sharing meals, consciously sourcing local food, car sharing, living off-grid, meditating together, exercising together, doing group prayers and rituals, cultivating intimacy through conscious relating practices, singing and dancing together, and contributing our gifts to programs for local community members and retreat guests.

Residency is based on a cohort model with monthly or quarterly rotations and is based on an application process. Residents are encouraged to bring their programs, clients, and services to Sundari and are selected based on availability and alignment with our core values.


As a residential center, Sundari hosts custom retreats for individuals, couples, families and groups interested in having an immersive experience in New Earth Culture on our beautiful 10-acre ocean-view property.

Custom retreats can be as simple as staying on the land and engaging with residents and other guests organically and through on-site programs such as daily meditations, yoga, dance, gardening, communication practices and other classes.

Retreat guests can also choose from a wide range of offerings from residents and others in the local community such as catering, massage, coaching, trauma work, acupuncture, cleansing, private lessons, excursions and more.

Retreat lodging ranges from private suites to dorm-style rooms, and can be booked on a week-to-week basis. (The maximum group capacity is currently 10 people in 6 rooms in the Lotus House, and 10 people in the dorm.)

Lead Programs AT SUNDARI

We are in the process of cultivating an array of programs and offerings related to conscious awareness, embodiment, relationship and leadership.

Sundari currently has three covered event spaces, acres of ocean-view gardens and lawn, and indoor lodging for up to 20 people (plus camping or overflow rooms at nearby partner locations). We are in the process of building a spa with a pool, hot tub, sauna and healing center anticipated to be complete by mid-2021.

We are accepting applications from both local and global leaders interested in offering one-time and/or ongoing programs here. The first step is to fill out an application, and we will be starting to schedule and book programs by January 2021. We anticipate the program schedule to fill quickly so submit your application early to have the best chance at booking your preferred times/dates.

Omrising 2018 Christine Chris


New Earth Mandala partners with like-minded people and leaders from all over the world for both in-person and online offerings uplifting New Earth Culture. Community members include program participants, program leaders, outreach partners, product and service providers and other venues around the world aligned with the four core values.

In 2020 we’ve been offering free monthly global community calls supporting people to connect and experience elements of New Earth Leadership culture with facilitators from Sundari and beyond. We also offer free streaming programs such as a weekday morning meditation practice with Sundari co-founder John Shiva, and a Nine Gifts book launch with co-founder Christine Marie Mason.

In 2021 we will be launching an online leadership program supporting leadership pods around the world to implement New Earth Culture in their local community with mentorship and training from world renowned facilitators. Pods will provide case-studies informing the development of templates that can translate to diverse locations and audiences.

If you are interested in being a participant or partner in our global programs, please sign up for our email list to get upcoming announcements about those opportunities or email us with more information about your interest.