Land and Facilities

Nothing like a hammock under a mango tree!

Sundari Gardens is spread out over multiple parcels. There is the six bedroom Lotus House with an adjoining Yoga Shala. Next to that is our spa, with a swimming pool, hot tub, finnish sauna, cold plunge, changing rooms and a massage space.

Looking down from the spa you can see our permaculture food forests and medicinal gardens. There is an Emu and a 5 foot tall Shiva Lingam from India. We are using ancient Hawaiian soil building techniques to make amazing soil here. The land here is mostly volcanic and while full of minerals has little bacterial activity and does not retain water. It’s a slow process but we are making progress.

Double rainbows are not uncommon!

As you walk down the property there is a field of grass with our large Ganesha pond featuring a large reclining Ganesha stone statue, and a 50 foot mandala flower garden honoring Pele. There are sweeping views of the Pacific ocean.

Keep walking and you’ll come to our farm center. Here we have a fenced in vegetable garden, a garden center and a greenhouse. There is a large room which is our soil laboratory. In here we make Korean Natural Farming solutions. There is a 100 gallon compost tea maker and a giant worm bin. The room is large enough for us to hold permaculture workshops in.

A view of the Rainbow Dorm

Next to our garden are our Buff Orpington chickens!

Follow the path up and you’ll reach our Rainbow Shala. There is a shared space upstairs, and a covered deck where we hold a weekly ecstatic dance, a Sunday song circle and frequent concerts and workshops.

There is a small Tilapia pond in this area along with a fire circle.

Finally you come to the Sunlodge and adjoining kitchen. From here you can hike our serenity trail which winds through an Ohia forest all the way back to Lotus House.

Each dwelling and our spa have separate solar systems. Water is mostly via rain catchment, though we recently installed a well for the dry months.