Stay With Us

Are you interested in living in community for a short or long amount of time to experience a more connected way of life? Do you want to experience living in a community, but have a life somewhere else? While most of our residents come and stay long term, we also have a couple rooms available for people who want to visit us for as little as two weeks. When you’re accepted for a short-term stay you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of being a long-term resident without the long-term commitment. Our space is also an incredible place to work on a book or artistic project or community offering.

The links below above gives you more details about life at Sundari including our agreements, practices, the land, and more. Please review it to ensure our community is a good fit for you.

We would love for you to come to contribute to the community and be a part of something larger than yourself. You’ll go back home with a greater understanding of yourself, tools that will help you to communicate better and a bunch of new friends. Plus you may just decide you want to live here long term.

To apply for a short or long-term stay just read through the information about our community and click the Residency Application link and share your date preferences. Note that we do not accept work traders using this application. You can use the application on the work traders page. We only accept work traders with a 3 month commitment.