Healing Offerings


New Earth Leadership is a way of thinking about community and Sundari Farms is a place to coexist in harmony

We are honored to have you join in our way of life, connected to the Earth, people and the greater good that we are all from and will return to.

Menu of healing offerings

We have a strong core team of trained and trauma informed healers and leaders in an array of fields such as:

Relationships, Sexuality, Physical Fitness & Injury Support, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instruction, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Business Elevation, Financial Frequency and more. You can also view our healing menu here

Joshua Hathaway

Reconciliation & Relationship Guide, Reawakening Purpose, Men's Work, Healing with the Masculine

Joshua Hathaway, M.A. offers unique somatic and energetic treatments that support individuals and couples to metamorphose into their next, most magnificent form. With a Master’s Degree in Holistic Psychology and over twelve years of experience offering somatic and mindfulness based coaching and therapeutic support, Joshua’s embodied facilitation opens new avenues of awareness and unlocks fresh resources for his clients.
With dozens of modalities and approaches in his tool kit, Joshua is intuitively guided to an approach or experiential process that’s just right for the client and the moment.
Read more about Joshua here.

Here are a few specific themes we can explore during your stay at Sundari:
~ Reawakening Purpose ~ Clearing Creative Stuckness ~ Embodied Leadership ~ Unraveling Deep Passive Tension ~ Remembering Your Magic ~ Healing Trauma ~ Reconciliation and Healing in Relationship
~ Activating Your Man Mojo (for men) ~ Healing & Reconciliation With the Masculine (for women)

One Hour Individual or Couples: $288 | 90 minutes: $400 | 4 Hour Private Package: $1111 (With four hours to work with we can design a program for a deep and lasting Holy Shift in your life.)

Lillian Love

Reconciliation & Relationship Guide, Awakening Shakti, Sexual Healing, Trauma Healing, Feminine Leadership

Lillian Love is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Writer, Speaker and Leader. She is the creator of Cosmic Touch, a docu-therapy film transmission exploring the transformational healing power of self-pleasure. Having deeply immersed herself in training in the left hand path, red lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra, Somatic Sensual Healing, Inner Aspecting Method, Breathwork and Inner Child Healing, Lillian has a gift for Somatic cellular healing. She guides people–on an individual and collective level–to get out of their heads, and into their bodies, where their peace, pleasure, power, purpose and prosperity lives.

Read more about Lillian here

Lillian offers Private Transformational Self & Relationship Coaching, both online and in person. Themes to we can explore in session are: Sexual Healing, Trauma Regulation Techniques, Identifying and Expressing Boundaries,
Energetic Empath Hygiene, Spiritual Awakening Integration, Feminine Leadership, Opening the Heart after Betrayal, Sensual Awakening, Yoni Egg/De-Armouring, Activating Your Soul Purpose. 2:2 Couples Coaching immersions with Joshua and Lillian are also avail; exploring all aspects of Alchemical Intimacy, Reconciliation, Communication, Creating Safe Containers for Sexual Healing & Kink,
Transforming Codependency into Sovereign Interdependency & more.

60mins Individual Session: $222 | 90 minutes: $333 | Private 4 hour Priestess Ceremony (Women Only): $888 | 2:2 Couples Session (w/ Joshua & Lillian) 90mins: $555

Katie Roper

Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Anti-Racism Avocate, Ordained Minister, Ritualist

Katie is a transformational leadership and emotional intelligence coach and educator. She enjoys helping developing leaders and especially womxn lead from a place of presence, trust, and creativity. She is a documentary filmmaker, a nonprofit director, a university educator, a consultant, a coach, a ritualist, an author, and an intentional village builder. She has run a Leadership Program for young change-makers for the past 10+ years at University of Santa Cruz. She is passionate about training individuals, couples, and families through moving emotional blocks and having clean and productive communication habits. She supports people in sharing their needs and desires without layering judgement, shame, or blame. Her newest venture is working with her mother, Sheila Pudas, a master genealogist to offer individuals and families, family and lineage karmic healing work. She is especially passionate about repairing the sense of belonging to each individual and family connection.

Read her full Professional BIO here.

Offerings (Sliding scale $88-222/hr):

-Executive Coaching: For established leaders to gain collaborative support towards their visions for leading social impact organizations and teams in embodied and value-driven ways
-Academic & Life Coaching for Young Adults and Developing Leaders-Conscious Leadership Trainings & Techniques: Includes self awareness and Integrity, Feedback and Accountability Coaching
-Emotional Intelligence & Empathy Coaching, Training, or Workshop: Using NVC for personal, family, or professional communication and connection building.

Rituals (Sliding scale $222- $444)

-Weddings, Baby Blessings, Memorial Services, and other Life Transitions
-Transformational Birthday Coaching or Life Event Coordination
-Feel it to Heal it! Emotional Healing Ritual: We will be present with our often more challenging emotions of fear, rage, or grief at a sacred natural site or on campus.
-Family & Lineage Karma Healing (work in tandem with her Mother Sheila, who is offsite)

Gabriel Fransisco

Crypto/Blockchain Education Sessions, DJ lessons, Dance and Choreography Guide

As an International presenter and choreographer, Gabriel Francisco has spent his entire life connecting, sharing and inspiring on the highest, most professional level of somatic awareness and dance education. From studios and workshops in Japan and Brazil to teaching choreography in Europe, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand, Gabriel unlocks the movement potential in other beings.

Dance is Life
This class is a movement life exploration. It is dynamic zen, body/mind connection, human awareness, and FREEstyle (to be free of style.) It is primal, inclusive, basic and advanced. Movers will discover more about themselves and therefore the world around them. We will unlock the keys to life, living and loving, connecting the ‘dancer’ and the ‘yogi’, yourself and the Universe! We will work both solo, duo and in groups. This lecture & dance workshop fusion is a movement catalyst, a life changer and a whole lot of fun!

$111 for solo session.
Learn more about Dance is Life here

Crypto/Blockchain Educational Sessions
As a senior portfolio manager for a 100M fund, I now educate the community in how to buy, sell, send, and trade cryptocurrency safely. Sessions are 1 on 1 and cover everything from onboarding to TA/FA, hot wallets, cold storage, to specific up and coming projects. My current clients are 2x to 12x up with their portfolio. Being your own bank is powerful, as it is dangerous. Fully understanding and becoming fluent as this new financial paradigm unfolds is paramount.

$111 for solo session.

DJ lessons
As an international DJ, I have been teaching music mixing and musicology for years. One lesson is all you need to know in order to practice for months afterward. Understanding sound is for everyone!
$111 for solo session.

Madison Cazarles

Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Gridding & Detoxification Support

60 min reiki session – 60 minutes of hands on (or hands off) reiki energy healing. Reiki is a way to facilitate healing on the physical, emotional and energetic levels. Some of the benefits include balanced energy, deeper mbodiment, relaxation, processing of emotional, release of stuck energy, increases vitality, reduced pain, and connection with spirit.
$100 per reiki session | 3 reiki sessions x 60 min – $250

Private sound healing (2-10 people) – a 75 minute sound bath using crystal singing bowls + other accompanying instruments. Harmonic frequencies are known for their healing effects. Sound healing is know to relax the nervous system, increase healthy blood flow, can allow to drop into a deep meditative state, balance your energy, encourage relaxation, and more. Personalized for each group, this experience is one of a kind.

Detoxifying ionized foot bath – an ionized foot bath for body detoxification. This therapy pulls toxins out of the body through your feet. It is highly effective and can remove heavy metals, cellular debris,
yeast, tobacco, blood clot material and toxins from the lymphatic system, liver, gallbladder, joints, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and reproductive systems. Also known as the chi cleanse, this treatment also improves metabolism, blood circulation, and sleep. Relaxing time for your feet + ionizing technology is sole(soul) nourishing!

Crystal gridding – 45 minute personalized session using crystals/gems to grid the body. Earth crystals are powerful tools to connect with mother Gaia, balance chakras, move energy, release what no longer serves you,
increase vitality, reduce stress, and help you access your fullest potential. During this session you will be guided into a meditation to connect with your body and breath while crystals are placed and moved on or around
your body.

Phenix Rose

Vibrational Healer

Phenix Rose is a Vibrational Healer and New Earth leader – she loves helping spiritual, shamanic, and healer types thrive in the world of matter.

She has gained wisdom through multiple lifetimes and in this life time has studied through the Healing Touch Program, Mind Energy Body School of Transformation, Boulder Psychic Institute and several mystery schools around the world. Bridging 5D reality with the physical plane is her specialty.

Energy Healing – a one hour healing session to rebalance your energies, get relief from pain and drop into deeper center and well being with yourself

1 hour $150

Tantric Energy – a tantric full body sensual massage featuring tantric practices for deepening into and healing relationship patterns, sexual issues and for general intimacy and connection

1 hour $300

Shamanic Business Sessions

2-3 hours

Activate and jumpstart your spiritual business and get help dialing in your offers and sharing your soul gifts with the world

3 hours $500

Read her full Professional BIO here.

Renata Langner

Yoga Teacher and Health Coach

For Renata Langner (E-RYT 500), yoga has been the medicine that helped her to open herself to many diverse paths of healing, otherwise not realized. Drawing from her Brazilian ancestry, she Incorporates tribal intuitive practices in her 15 years of experience teaching yoga. Making her a multifaceted teacher with plenty of unique tools to help students understand and relate to their body, mind and spirit connection. Renata is also a certified Health Coach specialized in detox programs and juicing. She has helped hundreds of people rebuild their gut flora, clean their diet, lose weight, boost their immune system and sometimes even reverse chronic disease with food.

Bodywork Session– $150 (90 minutes) A combination of an intuitive asana movement practice with a decoding aspect to it. Assessment of whats needed and assignment of self-healing practices. these body-work sessions encourages honest conversations, journaling, movement, breath, sound and energy work.

Private Yoga Class– $120 (75 minutes ) Alignment, Foundation and Actions. A deep dive at the principles of a healthy practice. Hands on assists and proper use of props.

Reiki Healing Sessions. $100 (60 minutes) Energy healing work with hand impositions. Suggested for any emotional, physical or spirit misalignment.

Juicing Session– $250 Renata will come to your house and show every-thing you need to know about healing your body with the power of juicing superfoods. (food included & about 2 hours)

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification- contact Renata to inquire – 516 300-2221

Read more about Renata here

Diana Stelzer

Licensed Practitioner

Diana is a licensed practitioner with over 20 years of practice in deep tissue, lomi lomi, reiki, sports massage and CORE bodywork. She also incorporates Mindfulness with assisted stretching and Elemental Theory Muscle Testing into her sessions. Diana’s Bodywork is a fascia-based therapy, her hands are trained to follow the body’s natural energy pathways. allowing the restrictions from injuries, repetitive motions, scar tissue and trauma to melt away.

She supports clients to reclaim pain-free movement, structural alignment and a deep sense of renewal.


60 min $90

90 min $130

2 hr $160

2.5 hrs $190

3 hrs $220

Mobile Number: 808 345 5346

Email: groundedgoddess@gmail.com

Ganaia Karnis

Ganaia Karnis (MAT#15750), is a passionate body-worker and owner of Held in Wholeness LLC. She has been involved in the healing arts since 2013, training in numerous modalities of energy healing & attending the Santa Fe School of Massage. By creating a relational container, Ganaia empowers clients to access the innate wisdom held within their own body. Importantly supporting the intelligence of the body to remember it’s own natural flow, while bringing soft awareness to the places that seek it most.

(808) 634-8704


Read more about Ganaia here.


Intuitive Therapeutic Massage ~ Lomi Lomi Massage ~ Integrative Deep Tissue Massage ~ Arvigo® Therapy for Women’s Wellness (includes instruction in self-care womb & abdominal massage)

60 min $111

90 min $144

2 hr $177

Feminine Rejuvenation Package: Full body massage woven in with therapeutic breast & womb massage, volcanic stone heating for the womb, plus a deeply restorative vaginal herbal steam bath & a cup of women’s wellness tea

2.5 hr Rejuvenation Package $255

Russ Scott

Massage Therapy including Swedish Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga, Reflexology, Abdominal Tension Release and more

Russ has a true gift in working with people’s bodies. After working as a Chef and Private Caterer for many years he shifted using his hands to bring healing and restoration to body, mind and spirit.
Russ has trained in Thai Yoga, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Deep Tissue and Abdominal Tension Release, among other techniques. Gift yourself the truly nourishing time to release and receive.

90 min session $135 | 2 hr session $180