1. What is the food situation?

If you’re using your own kitchen or kitchenette, there are great grocery and restaurant options in Pahoa.  We have a fresh high-quality vegetarian kitchen, usually with vegan options, onsite. In the mornings we have tropical fruit, coffee and tea, and a yogurt, smoothie and juice bar. If a program host prefers to bring their own chef, or to have it prepared by Island Naturals, that’s absolutely an option. You are welcome to eat off the land also, whatever is in season in the public gardens.

2. What activities are available?

Onsite: yoga, meditation, biking, gardens, artmaking. Doing nothing.

In the immediate area: more biking, volcano hiking, black sand beaches for swimming, surfing (intermediate and above), snorkeling (near Hilo), hiking/walking, ecstatic dance, dining and activities in Pahoa and Hilo.

On the Island: Volcano tours, lava caves, waterfalls, tropical gardens, countless beautiful beaches… infinite places to explore on your own, with our team or with an outside tour group. We have a great guide to recommend.

Every Wednesday: Uncle Robert’s Market (live Music, farmer’s marker, food tables, home made goods, dancing- a general party). 

Every Thursday (Inescapable): There is a jungle ecstatic dance next door to us, from 6 to 9 pm, complete with fire dancers and pillow lounge. Be prepared to join in. COVID cancelled.

Every Sunday: Hands down the best ecstatic dance outside of Ubud, Bali, 15 minutes away at Hawai’ian Sanctuary. Followed by drum circles and all afternoon hangouts on the naked black sand beach at Kehena. COVID cancelled.

3. What’s the bug situation?

We have some mosquitoes during the dusk hours; if you’re sensitive, bring herbal bug deterrant.

4. What’s the wifi and phone situation?

Verizon has good 3G coverage on the property. ATT not so much. We have satellite wifi on site. PS, If you torrent content you will be asked to leave. We have one provider on the Island, and torrenting will cause us to lose service.

5. What about intoxicants?

We believe in the appropriate ceremonial use of plant medicines and the like. Sobriety in daily life is admired and appreciated. Waking up and numbing out don’t go well together.

6. How to I get to you from the airport at Hilo?

If you rent a car, it’s an easy drive past Pahoa to our hill. If you want a pick up or a taxi service, it can be prearranged. There’s a flat fee of $40 per person for an airport run by our driver, and taxi service is negotiated with those providers individually. There’s Lyft here. It’s new, with few drivers. But it’s here.

7. What about power and water?

We’re on solar power, catchment and pumped water, and composting as well as conventional toilet systems. It’s a low impact environment. We have a back up generator for emergencies. There are hot showers inside and outside. And laundry. We purchase drinking water.

8. What if I need medical care?

Try not to need it! Bring your medicines and a portable first aid kit for hiking. We have an array of plant and herbal tinctures and treatments, which are available to you. There’s also a clinic in Pahoa, and a hospital in Hilo if it comes to that.

9. What about bodywork?

Puna boasts some of the best bodyworkers anywhere. Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Shiatsu… we have a great list of healers and providers that will come on site or you can go to them.