FAQ for Visitors

1. What is the food situation?

If you here on a group retreat it is likely your retreat leader is taking care of your meals. If you are coming alone,there is a full kitchen available at the Lotus House including a juicer and vitamix. Note that our kitchen is vegetarian (no meat). There are many grocery and restaurant options in Pahoa and even more further up in Hilo.  You are welcome to eat off the land also, whatever is in season.

2. What activities are available?

Onsite: Each weekday morning there is a meditation from 7:30-8am. This is followed by a movement class from 8-9am. This can be yoga, tai-chi, dance or other types of movement depending on the day. There are also frequent afternoon and evening classes and workshops for physical, emotional and mental wellness. These can include yoga, divine play, authentic relating and more. On Wednesdays we host an ecstatic dance. There are also frequent concerts, sound healings and movie nights on our big screen. Each Sunday morning we have Kirtan and cacao!

In the immediate area: There is a lot to do in this area. There are numerous centers that host many different kinds of events and classes. There are also many dances. On Saturday mornings there is Uncle Roberts market where you can find good food, produce, handicrafts and more. There is also a larger market on Sundays in Pahoa.

Nature Adventures: The scenic Red Road is just minutes away. Along it you can find magical places where waves crash on cliffs and amazing jungles to explore. Ten minutes from us is the Kehena black sand nude beach. Further down you will find the hardened 2018 lava flow and beyond that our wonderful warm ponds where you can soak and listen to the ocean surf. Further out you will find great hiking at Volcano National Park, lava caves, waterfalls, tropical gardens, countless beautiful beaches and more on the Island. Infinite places to explore on your own, with our team or with an outside tour group. We have a great guide to recommend. This island is a feast for the senses!

3. What’s the bug and and animal situation?

We have some mosquitoes during the dusk hours; if you’re sensitive, bring herbal bug deterrent. This is the jungle and you will find an occasional cockroach though we do our best to deter them. Other than that we have plenty of fascinating tropical bugs including honeybees and a multitude of butterflies. For animals we have chickens and five outdoor cats scattered around the property.

4. What’s the wifi and phone situation?

AT&T has good 3G coverage on the property. Verizon not so much. We have satellite wifi on site.

5. What about intoxicants?

We believe in the appropriate ceremonial use of plant medicines and the like. Sobriety in daily life is admired and appreciated. Waking up and numbing out don’t go well together.

6. How to I get to you from the airport at Hilo?

If you rent a car, it’s an easy 35 minute drive past Pahoa to our hill. You can also take Uber, which is around $70-$100. We strongly recommend flying in to Hilo rather than Kona. Rental cars are usually more expensive over there.

7. What about power and water?

We’re on solar power and water catchment. It’s a low impact environment. We have a back up generator for emergencies.

8. What if I need medical care?

We have a basic first aid kit on the land. We suggest to bring your medicines and a portable first aid kit for hiking. We have an array of plant and herbal tinctures and treatments, which are available to you. There’s also a clinic in Pahoa, and a hospital in Hilo if it comes to that.

9. What about bodywork?

Puna boasts some of the best bodyworkers anywhere. Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Shiatsu… we have a great list of healers and providers that will come on site or you can go to them.  SEE OUR HEALERS GUIDEBOOK HERE

10. What is the check-in time?

Check-in time: 3:00pm Check-out time: 12:00nn

We should be notified ASAP for extensions of bookings prior to your original agreed departure date. Rooms are confirmed when payment is received.

11. Where is the Location of your Events Space?

We have 2 locations: The Yoga Shala and Rainbow Shala, Please see the map and directions below:

Directions to Sundari’s RAINBOW SHALA from Pahoa

Take 130 toward Kalapana about 9.5 miles. Turn right at the Noni Factory/across from the painted church. Turn right onto the paved road. Take your first right at the cat statue onto the dirt road to get to the Rainbow Shala, and park on the road in front of the 2-story building. (Address is 12-1092 Kaimu-Makena Homestead Rd in Pahoa).

Directions to Sundari’s YOGA SHALA & LOTUS HOUSE from Pahoa

Take 130 toward Kalapana about 9.5 miles. Turn right at the Noni Factory/across from the painted church. Turn right to go up the hill on the paved road. Take your first SECOND RIGHT (after the cat statue) and park to your right (at the bottom of the driveway below the yellow flower pot). Walk up the hill and find the Yoga Shala on the right & Lotus on the left. (Address is 12-1092 Kaimu-Makena Homestead Rd in Pahoa).

When you see the Meditating Cat 🐱 statue, instead of turning onto gravel road (where you would come to the Rainbow Shala), keep going straight, then turn right into next driveway, park up the hill next to the Lotus House & Yoga Shala (or at bottom of driveway if parking full).