Resident Agreements


Circle gatherings are a part of life here

At Sundari we believe strongly in personal freedom and expression. However living in a community with others also requires responsibility.  Living together is not always easy. We have attempted to create enough of a structure that our place is financially viable, has clear communication as a core community practice, and expect a certain amount of residential involvement with our land and community. The agreements that we have come up with are minimal, but important to consider before moving here.  We want to have enough structure to keep things positive while allowing room for cultures to live and flourish in the households designed and held by the people living there. 


Another satisfying community meal.

There is one community dinner a week (Tuesdays) with all members strongly encouraged to participate. This meal is prepared by residents in rotation, and can include food sourced from the gardens and cooked by residents.

To keep things smoothly functioning we do have a few mandatory requirements. We all know that it takes work to make a relationship work and communities are no different. To experience the joys of community, we also need to do the maintenance work required to keep them healthy. Here are the requirements all residents must agree to:

Yes we have mandatory meetings!

Participating in the Community WhatsApp Thread:

Stay informed and give input on land/community projects, food coordination, sharing praises or concerns and other things.

House Meeting:

This is a weekly hour long meeting to connect with your household and discuss various practical matters such as food coordination, cleaning schedule etc.

Tuesday Community Coherence Practice and Dinner (~4 hours):

We gather once a week to deepen and enrich our capacity to connect and relate with one another.  Currently, our work is informed by Thomas Huebl’s attunement and communication practices, and by Harmonic Family Resonance. This is followed by a dinner with everyone on property.  

Getting in touch with the plant world

Monthly Land Day:

We care for the land together 1 day per month, touching the soil and learning about the plant beings growing here.

Bi-Annual Community Retreats:

Every six months we will have 1 or 2 day community retreat for co-learning about communication and other community living skills. We often will have a group adventure too. Residents are expected to attend. You will have plenty of advance notice.

Conflict Resolution:

Conflicts inevitably arise when people live together. We are committed to peaceful conflict resolution using non-violent language, deep listening and other tools. We have mediators available if needed. Residents are expected to resolve issues with each other so we all maintain a healthy emotional environment for everyone. This may involved bringing a third party in to mediate.  As part of our weekly dinner we have talks on and practice with these skills

Rural Off Grid Living:

Garden Party
Land Work Party!

Be warned that this is a rural part of a small island in the Pacific. We have good enough wifi, but not blazing fast. All of our buildings run entirely on solar energy. Water is from water catchment and a recently installed well. Energy and plumbing issues are not uncommon. 

The environment here can be abrasive. Problems with electrical items and vehicles are not uncommon. Roads are often bumpy and unpaved. The ground is often covered in lava rock and not so easy to navigate barefoot (though some do!) Having a car is highly recommended. 



At Sundari we value sobriety which allows us more capacity for emotional growth and processing with each other.

Bringing Your Gifts:

Many of the guests and residents are teachers, healers, makers, artists and musicians, garden whisperers, technical adepts, ritualists, scholars… we share our work with each other.

Enjoying Events: