Community Overview

Cuddle puddle!

Sundari Gardens
is a conscious village and residential wellness center committed to supporting people in living in close land-based community that include creating an environment that supports mindfulness, embodiment, sobriety, wellness, emotional intelligence, food sovereignty, and living the beauty way.

We are co-creating an immersive experience for individuals to get support on their awakening journey from cultures of overwork and disconnection into a culture of authenticity, vitality, and connectedness in our residential wellness center community.

An evening community dinner

What makes this center sustainable is a business model with rent-paying residents that help to pay for our core staff who work our land most actively so that it can flourish for the benefit of all. 

Most of all you will discover (or rediscover) the joys of living in a healthy, heart centered, open community. 

Sundari Gardens Values & Practices

Coherence meetings are a place to share our hearts

As a village of diverse individuals we have appreciation for and space for a variety of practices. Below are some of our commonly held core values which individual members may resonate with or practice more or less. Our desire is that every person that stays with us can find community in their practices and also learn from each other.



  • Conscious Awareness is our value for looking at our human self with compassion and recognizing our core, silent true self.  This awareness helps us to go beyond our simple human reactions to things and live from our most compassionate and wisest self. Practices like sitting meditation and breathwork assist in allowing this awareness to grow.
  • Embodiment is our value for using movement and somatic understanding to bring awareness to physical and emotional disturbances. Being grounded into our bodies helps us live authentically and offers whole new dimensions in our awareness and understanding of the world. 

  • Attunement is awareness of our energetic impact on others and doing our best to express our needs while holding care for the needs of others. We look for win-win solutions to challenges where different needs are present. Each week we practice “coherence” which allows us a time to tune in to other individuals in our community as well as the collective. It also allows space for observing places of disconnection.

  • Land Stewardship We are committed to relearning regenerative ways of coexisting with natural systems including practices of soil creation, food production, water conservation. We are an off-grid site, with full amenities, which requires that everyone participate in tending to our energy and water systems.

  • Ethical Consumption is our value for mindfulness in what we eat, buy, and otherwise consume. This translates to values for eating more from local sources and our land, buying less, consuming only animals that were farmed ethically, consuming medicines reverently, and being mindful of any addictive patterns.


Join workshops and festivals happening on the land!


There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and artists, and ewe are very open to fresh ideas on how to continue to help Sundari Gardens grow and fluourish amd want to actively support our residents in living their dreams!

Learn Hawaiian culture and horticulture


Hawaiian Culture

We are very aware of the impact on white colonialism on this amazing island chain. One of our main missions is to not only assist the native Hawaiian community, but bring reparations as well as a place for them to share their culture. One of our Hawaiian residents is trained in ancient Hawaiian soil techniques and stays very busy restoring the soil to “feed the people” as he likes to say and teaching others this craft. We also have bi-weekly classes from a local “Kumu”  (a teacher of Hawaiian culture and Hula). We want to extend our hand to the Hawaiian people in friendship with understanding and respect for their culture.