Apply for Residency

We are currently full with long term residents, but please send an application in with your dates. These are long term rentals only. A minimum of a 30 day stay is required, and we prefer 6 month or longer stays. This allows residents to get to know each other, develop routines and do the deeper work.


Residential Application

This application is for people that wish to live at Sundari.
(If applying as a couple both should fill out a form but note here your partners name)
When are you available to stay with us? Give us a date range of when you'd ideally start your stay (if we have availability) and the duration you are interested in staying. For example: 5/1-5/30 arrival and would love to stay 2+ months.
Tell us a little about you and where you are at right now in your life path. If this is for a couple, please share something from both of you. If you have had experience in communal living this is a good place to share about it.
Which living option are you interested in?(Required)
Please select which of the following situations you are interested in. Rent range depending on rooms available. Utilities and internet are included. We will follow up with you one what is available in your date range after receiving your application.
Do you have any special skills that could help in the community? These can be people skills such as communications training or more practical mechanical or farming skills and experience.
Which of these practices do you most resonate with or practice most?(Required)
If there are any specific details you'd like to share, you can put down in the next question.
Please provide name/relationship/phone/email for at least 2 references. References should include at least one past landlord. Please include your relationship to each reference.
Background Check
Is it acceptable for us to do a background check on you? We generally check criminal history, sex offender registry and credit report. We will only check as a final step to being accepted and will ask you for your SSN and birthdate which will be held in confidence and destroyed after the check.
If you are approved can you agree to the following (please check all):(Required)