Life at Sundari

Sunrises are amazing here!

Each day at Sundari is a chose-your-own tropical, heart opening adventure. You might find yourself working in the garden, going off and exploring some unique and beautiful part of the island, doing yoga together, eating dinner with beautiful people, or dancing in the moonlight. There are so many possibilities but here is one scenario:

You wake up early to the sunrise over the ocean. You’re still surprised at how early you wake up here.  It’s easy to live with natural circadian rhythms on the island. You start your day by going to the meditation and movement practice that happens each weekday morning.

Get your hands dirty!

Feeling fully awake and ready to go you pick up some fresh eggs from the chickens or some papayas and walk home to make breakfast.  There are a couple of your friendly housemates in the kitchen to greet you. You make your breakfast, sit back and enjoy the luxurious view while you eat.

You have some work to do so you settle down on the porch office and put in a few hours on the laptop. At noon you stop for lunch. Someone is already making a sandwich and offers to make you one. Good fortune is with you!

The weekly hour long house meeting is at 1pm and you go to that. After everyone checks in with a few moments of sharing what’s alive in them, you all talk about how the household is running. Are there any individual conflicts going on? Is anyone going to Costco in Kona soon? Who keeps leaving their dishes in the sink unwashed? You know…community living stuff!

Yes that is a papaya!

After the meeting several of you decide to drive down to Kehena beach for a couple of hours. You bask in the sun and float in the ocean. You spend some time meeting others that live in the area and hear about a mini-festival happening down the road the following weekend.

After the beach and a shower and quick nap you decide to go to the authentic relating practice going on down at the Rainbow house. The workshop is amazing and you meet a new friend there! It’s dinnertime and you share a dinner one of your housemates has made.

Moonrise at the hot tub

Someone has lit the sauna, and you go and soak in the hot tub.  There is some spontaneous singing as you watch the moon rise.

It’s been a full day. You settle in your bed to the night sounds of the coqui frogs and dream.